Quick Apply Options

From the Careers page, you have three options:

  • You can enter search criteria at the top of the page in the Search Jobs field. This includes the job opening ID or job title, a keyword you want to see in the job title or description, a location, or a desired salary amount, such as 50,000 (do not enter $). When you click the right double arrow, the Search Jobs page will display up to 150 jobs that meet your search criteria on your desktop and for mobile users, up to 50 jobs will populate.
  • You can select the option ‘View All Jobs.’ The Search Jobs page will display 150 randomly-chosen jobs; however, mobile users will see up to 50 randomly-chosen jobs.
  • You can select the option ‘View Jobs Posted in Last 3 Days.’ This will limit the initial list that you will be viewing on the Search Jobs page to those jobs that were recently posted.

The Search Jobs page allows you to narrow search results by entering search criteria and applying filters (filters are located on the left-hand side of the page). Mobile users may need to first expose the filters by clicking on the filter icon on the left-hand side of their page. 

For best results

  • Navigate to the Search Jobs page using one of the three options listed above. In addition to the search criteria on the Careers page, “More Options” and filters are available.
  • If you wish to use a combination of search criteria and filters, it is necessary to enter search information in either one or both of the Search Jobs and More Options fields, conduct your search, and then use filters to further narrow your search results. If you don’t conduct the search first, the entered search criteria will not be used and instead, the filters will only be applied to the populated results. If you apply filters before entering and submitting search field criteria, the previously selected filters will be removed and the displayed list of search results will not apply those filters.